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THCa Cannabis Flower 20% THC

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Welcome to IsoSpectra's premium THCa Flower selection, where we take pride in offering a curated range of top-tier cannabis strains. Our commitment to excellence means that we exclusively supply AAA and above-quality cannabis flowers. With a weekly rotation of at least four strains, each chosen from our network of elite growers in Oregon, we bring you the finest THCa flowers available. Whether you're seeking specific flavor profiles, potency levels, or unique terpene combinations, our ever-evolving selection ensures you'll find the perfect match for your preferences. Experience the pinnacle of quality with IsoSpectra's THCa Flower offerings, where excellence meets variety in every bud.

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Different by Design


Our products are produced in our own laboratory under pharmacist supervision. The laboratory contains state of the art equipment that exceeds FDA standards and adheres to the most stringent universal precaution protocols.



We re-introduce a scientifically-crafted blend of ‘botanical’ strain profiles ‘terpenes’ designed to replicate individual strain characteristics that are proven effective for a range of conditions. When present together, CBD and terpenes produce what’s known as an entourage effect.


We publish our Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) for our entire product line. We use independent, 3rd-party laboratories to routinely test our CBD and final products. We test for potency, the percentage of CBD, and to ensure a non-detectable THC level.

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